vrijdag 14 juni 2013

TAG - Get to know me (better) in 40 questions

Wie mijn blogposts al eventjes leest, weet mijn stijl misschien wel, zo ongeveer. Toch leek het me leuk, nu ik wat meer lezeressen krijg en ook steeds meer plezier in het bloggen, om eens zo'n tag in te vullen.
Het zijn 40 vragen waarin jullie mij beter leren kennen! Here we go......
Ik heb de vragen trouwens vertaald naar het Engels, excuse me als ik wat grammaticale foutjes maak!

1. Name and year of birth.
Ginny, 1993 (you pronounce it as Djinnie, for the Dutchies :)

2. What's your length?
I'm 1,73m.

3. What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?
Is it time already? Did I even sleep? What time is it?! Then I hit the snooze button for about 20 more minutes. I just could't get out of bed.

4. Where are you at the moment?
I'm sitting on my boyfriends bed with my laptop. My boyfriend is gaming and he seems very concentrated, hihi.

5. What's your biggest irritation at this moment?
I'm not very quickly irritated, but if I have to choose, it'll be that I can't choose which shoes I want to  keep. I ordered 4 pairs and that probably is a little too much... I already chose 2 of them but I can't get rit of the others yet! Need to stare at them for at least another day.

6. Give a succinctly description of yourself.
I'm honest, helpful, conscientious, stubborn and one of a kind.

7. Guycrush/girlcrush. 
Guycrush: oh I really like Ryan Reynolds. I don't really know why, I think he's handsome but not like a celebrity. If that makes sense. He's also very funny, at least in the 'Two guys and a girl' - show. I love that show!
Girlcrush: I think I have to go for Jennifer Lawrence. I really liked the movie 'the hunger games', but she also gives the impression that she's kind of normal. She said something really awesome at the grammyawards, which was all over tumblr the next day. I love these kind of people. It could have been something I said.

8. What would you really like to do at this moment?
I would like to pass this schoolyear and after that party hard. I haven't done that in a while and I really need it. I'm even getting grumpy because I can't. So this summer I'm going to party all night long, make a lot of really good blogposts and meet new people. I like the people I know very well of course, but there's been a change in our 'group of friends', if that's a word. I would like to get to know some more people, so that botters me less.

9. What's your goal in life?
I want to get very happy, I prefer to get happy with my current boyfriend. I would like to have nice friends, make nice trips and holidays, maybe I want a child. Of course I think work is important, but I think you work because you want to live, you don't live because you want to work.
Furthermore I would like to have a job which really means something to people, for example in a rehabilitation clinic for people who had a stroke. I also would like to write a book. That's something I wanted to do since I was 8 years old and I will accomplish that. I also want to go on with blogging, since I really like doing this. But who know what life brings, I think I should 'go with the flow'.

10. What are you afraid of?
I really hate spiders. Small or big, dead or alive. I always have a mini heart attack when I see those things. I also really don't like pain. Okay, nobody likes pain. But if I know that what I'm about to do something that will be painful, I experience real fear.

11. Do you've got your license?
No, I'm also not busy yet. I would really like to get it, though.

12. Nailpolish or lipstick?
Mmm... Is labello an option too? I really like nailpolish, but it's really bad for my nails. They start to exuviate, or something. I also like lipstick, especially the deepred ones. But I almost never wear it. Nevertheless I always wear labello. I love labello.

13. What's your favorite season of the year?
Spring or summer. I can't really choose between those. I always am very happy when I see new leaves on the trees, cute little lambs and beautiful butterflies. Then again summer reminds me of the summer holidays, which means freedom, getting tanned and wearing short clothing. But I also get grumpy really quick when I overheat. I can't choose!

14. Do you ever want to get married?
Hell yeah. I even planned it in my head a little. I know what kind of dress I'm looking for (which will make it harder for me to find the 'perfect dress) and I told my boyfriend that if he ever wants to get married, he has to ask me. I'm really traditional in that, haha. 

15. Are you a 'health freak'?
I wouldn't call it a freak, but I do think it's important. I almost everyday eat at least one piece of fruit, but I just love pizza too much to be a total health freak.

16. What's the colour of your hair and what's the length?
My original colour is dark blonde, but I'm brown at the moment. It is longer than  shoulderlength, but it's not that big of a difference. 

17. What piece of clothing/or make-up you want badly at this moment?
I always have a lot of things at my wishlist. Funny, because I already own so many clothing. But I would like a pretty  leatherlook legging and a asymmetric blouse. These ones, to be exact. The legging has a metallic shimmer on it.

18. Are you wearing glasses?
No, although I sometimes think I should, haha.

19. Descripe your perfect pizza.
That might be too hard for me, because I really love pizza in general. But I think I have to go for the 'fungi', with mushrooms, or a mozzarella pizza. I had the most delicious mozzarella pizza in France last year!

20. What's your favorite food and drink?
Seriously, I just can think of just 4 things in the world I really do - not - like. These are walnuts, vodka, buttermilk and bubbly water (spa red?). But if think I'll go for pangasius fillet (fish), my mothers spaghetti and pizza that I love the most. I love to drink water, which I'm doing all day. But I also really like optimel (do they have that in more country's?). You can wake me up for optimel. 

21. What's your favorite parfum?
Christina Aguilera's first edition and a few days ago I smelled Chanel no. 5. I'm a cashier and someone in line wore it. I was like 'who smells this good?!' and she told me it was Chanel .

22. What was the last thing you bought?
De-makup from the Albert Heijn. I also recently ordered a few nice things from H&M, which I'll show you when it's all complete. I took 3 orders, but I'll sent everything back I don't like, so that may take a while.

23. What were you doing at 8 AM. this morning?
Sleeping, oh god I love to sleep.

24. Favorite icecream?
Everything at the toscane. I love cookies, caramel, bastogne (a flavour at our icestand! I'm so lucky), yoghurt. I don't know, everything.
25. Do you sleep a lot or are you an early bird?

My boyfriend is an early bird and I like to sleep long. But I also like to put the alarmclock at 9 AM. when I have a lot to do. 

26. What are your plans for 2013?
Blogging more than I did and follow a minor neuropsychology. I also want to hang out with friends more often and party a little more.

27. How many pillows are on your bed?
I have a lot of decorating pillows and I have 2 normal pillows. I use just 1 pillow for sleeping.

28. Are you messy or ordend?
Mmm.... I have  my 'I have to clean up everything' attacks, but I'm a really messy person. They even have a name for it at my place: hurricane Ginny.

29. Do you live in a house of a flat/appartment?
My parents are divorced: my father lives in a house and my mother lives in a flat. So a little of both.

30. Are you a morning or a evening person?
Morning. Definitly. Which is really in contrast with my love for sleep. But I'm always really cheerful when it's morning. I can giggle from the moment my foot leaves the bed. When I have exams, I always stand up early, because I learn so much better when it's early.

31. Who would you like to see at this moment?
I actually am pretty happy at this moment. I do would like to see 2 good friends of mine: Maaike and Jorien. It's been a while since I've seen them. I also would like to see Laura, a very very good friend either. Laura is the only friend who knows about my blog.

32. What do you expect to accomplish within 10 years?
I would like to have my hbo-certificate. I would like to have a nice job. I would like to have written a very good novel and would like to keep blogging. 

33. Who are you missing at the moment? 
My cat, Dikkie. I love him so much. He died 30th september and I still think about him every day. I really love that cat and I really think I will never be able to love an animal that much again. He was a real special cat.

34. What's your favorite bodypart, concerning your own body?
My eyes. They are real bright and big and kind of round, which I really like. It suits my face, if I can say so.

35. Are you shy?
I wouldn't say shy, but I sometimes are really nervous when I have to be a long time with somebody I don't know.

36. Do you have an accent? 
Maybe a little Drents (a province in the north of Holland), but I never heard it from anyone.

37. How are you dealing with compliments?
I thank somebody but after that I always feel an awkward silence, since I don't know what to say furthermore. I think it is weird to make a compliment back right away, because it seems you saying that because the other makes a compliment too. I like to change subject and rather walk away, but that's probably strange too.

38. Descripe your average week.
I'm going to school, always on irregular times, and work at the thursdayevening and saturdaymorning. I also see my boyfriend literally everyday, I can't remember the last day I didn't see him at all. The rest of my week is very unplanned, which I kind of like.

39. What's the last thing you do when you're lying in bed?
Set my alarm or being happy because I don't have to set an alarm. This is mainly on a saturdayevening. 

40. Who was the last person you talked to at the phone and why?
Yesterdayevening around 21:30, because I arrived at my boyfriends house and all the doors were locked.

Thanks for reading! I would like to know if you like to read posts like this?
Also, excuse me for the grammarmistakes! I realise I make it sound more Dutch than English, but I think you all will understand the essention.
And if you are a blogger and like to do this tag as well, I don't mind if you use these questions!

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  1. Wat leuk om te lezen! Ik ben ook echt ontzettend bang voor spinnen haha.

    xo Anouk

    1. Dank je! Ja apart is dat he, zoveel mensen zijn bang voor spinnen. Terwijl ze eigenlijk niets doen.

  2. Haha huricane Ginny, zo grappig :p! Leuke tag is dit :)!!

    Als je het leuk vind; upload dan vandaag je 3 favo artikelen die je afgelopen week geschreven hebt in mijn linkparty! Je mag hier vandaag vrij reclame maken inclusief een link en een foto naar jouw blog! Bij deze ben je van harte uitgenodigd om mee te feesten!

    Liefs van Rosie

    1. Dankjewel!
      En wat een leuk idee, een linkparty! Ik doe mee! Bedankt voor de uitnodiging, hartstikke lief.

  3. Deze tags zijn altijd leuk om te lezen, toffe post :)


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